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In the bustling business environment of Long Island, maintaining a pristine workspace isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s about adhering to stringent health and safety standards. At Above N’ Beyond Office Cleaning, we understand the nuances of commercial cleaning services. With our meticulous attention to detail, commitment to using eco-friendly products, and a team of trained professionals, we ensure your office space is clean and conducive to productivity and wellness.

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Our Suite of Commercial Cleaning Services

Comprehensive Office Cleaning

Every workspace, regardless of size, deserves a clean and hygienic environment. Adhering to OSHA regulations, we ensure your office is visibly clean and free from allergens, germs, and pollutants. From deep cleaning carpets to sanitizing restrooms, our team provides a holistic cleaning approach tailored to your needs.

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Expert Carpet Cleaning

While adding aesthetic appeal, carpets can be a hotspot for dirt, stains, and allergens. Our advanced carpet cleaning techniques ensure deep cleaning, removing stubborn stains and ensuring a fresh, vibrant look. More than just cleaning, we ensure a healthier workspace by eliminating potential allergens.

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Floor Stripping and Waxing

Floors, especially in high-traffic areas, bear the brunt of daily operations. Over time, they lose their sheen and can become a repository for dirt and grime. Our floor care services, including stripping, waxing, and sealing, restore the brilliance of your floors, enhancing the overall ambiance of your workspace.


Post-Construction Cleaning

Construction projects, while transformative, can leave behind a mess. Our post-construction cleaning services are designed to handle the heavy lifting, ensuring your new or renovated space is spotless, safe, and ready for operations. From debris removal to detailed cleaning, we ensure a hassle-free transition from construction site to functional workspace.

Why Choose Above N’ Beyond for Your Commercial Cleaning Needs?


With a rich history of serving businesses throughout Long Island, our extensive experience has provided us with invaluable insights and expertise. This deep-rooted familiarity with the local business landscape allows us to anticipate and address specific challenges and requirements unique to the region. Our years of hands-on experience not only make us seasoned professionals but also trusted partners who truly understand the nuances of local needs.


Quality is not just a buzzword for us; it’s an integral part of our ethos. We are unwavering in our commitment to using only the finest, environmentally-friendly cleaning products. This ensures that while we leave your premises spotless, we also prioritize the health and safety of your employees and the environment. Our products are meticulously chosen for their effectiveness, ensuring that quality cleaning doesn’t come at the expense of our planet.


We recognize that no two businesses are the same, and neither are their cleaning requirements. Whether you operate a bustling restaurant, a serene spa, or a corporate office, we take the time to understand the intricacies of your space and operations. This understanding allows us to craft tailored cleaning solutions that align perfectly with your specific needs. With us, you’re not getting a one-size-fits-all service; you’re getting a cleaning plan designed exclusively for your business.


At the heart of our services lies an unwavering commitment to your satisfaction. We believe that a job well done is one that exceeds expectations, not just meets them. Our team is trained to approach every task with a keen eye for detail and a passion for perfection. We take pride in the trust you place in us and continuously strive to honor that trust by delivering impeccable results with every service. Your satisfaction isn’t just our goal—it’s our promise.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The frequency depends on your office’s size, number of employees, and specific needs. We can help you determine an optimal schedule during our consultation.

Absolutely! We prioritize the health of your employees and use eco-friendly and hypoallergenic products.

Yes, our team is equipped to handle commercial spaces of all sizes and multiple locations across Long Island.